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Angel Fingers really is an excellent addition to the tool kit of anyone doing any kind of healing or pampering service.

They complement all other energy and bodywork treatments perfectly.

They can be easily and lovingly added into offerings such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel and Unicorn Healing.

In Salons, Angel Fingers can be a delightful addition to any treatment.

A hairdresser can use it as a surprising treat, when hair is being washed, or perhaps when products such as hair dye need time to be activated and developed.

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Beauticians can use Angel Fingers to make their facials even more luxurious. Nail technicians could add in a treatment whilst waiting for the paint and polish to dry.  The possibilities are exciting and numerous.

Angel Fingers is a perfect pamper tool…for a touch of extra pampering.

Not only will Angel Fingers add a new level of loveliness to your already superb services.  It can also provide an exceptionally easy addition to your income.

Adding Angel Fingers to your package means you can confidently charge extra for your treatment.

So, not only can you and get great enjoyment out of working with Angel Fingers, you can also easily and happily sell them and boost your profits.

In my experience, even a brief demonstration of Angel Fingers can lead to a sale.

They truly are a joy to use and a pleasure to sell. They sell themselves.

Wholesale Box

For a minimum order of only 10 Angel Fingers, you can buy them at the fabulous wholesale price of just £111.