Top Tips

To make the Angel Fingers experience extra special I recommend you create a peaceful, comfortable and relaxing environment.  Although not essential, using things such as Angelic candles and sprays and beautiful music can really add to the magic for both of you.

A healing session can be greatly enhanced with the use of your intention and visualisation.  This applies to both those giving and receiving a treatment.

Firstly you can start with the statement..”I am open to divine healing energies to flow through me and into..(the receiver), whilst visualising light flowing through you both and down into the heart of Mama Earth.  This grounds you both and the beautiful energies.

Next you can invoke Angels to be with you.  To guide you, assist and protect you.  There are Angels assigned to everything and they are simply awaiting your call for help.

So, depending on the nature of the treatment, use your intuition to choose who to call on.

For example, you could choose a specific Angel or being of light who you would love to connect with, or you could be more general and say something such as..”I now lovingly invoke Angels of Healing to be with us now”..or “I now lovingly invoke Angels of..Happiness, relaxation, rejuvenation, love and light, peace…Whatever you feel to say is perfect, its OK to call one, none or all . They will always be close by with their blessings.

Always remember to give thanks and praise to the very special invisible helpers who are in spirit.

Another amazing energy you are free to invoke is the transmuting Violet Flame.  Saint Germain, an Ascended Master, a most incredible illumined one, has recently made it possible for us to easily invoke and use the Violet Flame for Purification. When we call upon the Violet Flame and visualise it, darkness and negativity is transmuted into higher vibrations of love and light.  You may like to say..”I now lovingly invoke the Violet Flame of Transmutation to flow through us and into the heart of the Earth Mama.” or , if you feel to..”flow through us and radiate from us in all directions for the highest good of all.  Thank you Saint Germain” .  Or simply I AM the Violet Flame  This energy can be used as often as you wish.  It has been brought to us with love and compassion to help speed up our journey into the light.

♥ ♥ ♥

Another easy and powerful addition to an Angel Fingers session is the use of Colour Therapy. Every colour has its own vibration and energy which affects us in different ways.

Red will energise us

Orange brings warmth and happiness

Yellow helps with concentration, clearing your mind

Green is healing and balancing

Blue is soothing and calming

Indigo calms the mind, connecting you to your higher self

White is very pure, protective and can eleviate pain.

Intentionally directing appropriate colours can positively influence the receiver of the treatment. It is best not to ‘Think’ the colour, but Be the colour, and relax, invite the Angels of colour healing to be with you and assist you.. breathe the colour in and out, radiate and direct it.

If you both feel comfortable with the concept, you can bring in some magikal sound vibrations too. Simply invite Angels of Sound healing to guide you and sing, tone, Aum etc as you feel to. Sound vibrational healing is extremely powerful and you will draw to you many excited Angelic helpers who love to sing.

You may also enjoy simply keeping a mantra in your head. AUM would be a beautiful appropriate sound to feel and radiate throughout the session. As would LOVE, PEACE, THANKS. or perhaps.. ‘AUM MANI PADRI HUM’ which roughly translated means ‘May all beings experience enlightenment’.

If you have chosen not to use the Violet Flame, always ask that any released energies that no longer serve, be grounded into the Earth mama to be transformed into light.

Always finish a session by giving thanks and praise to all the energies involved…including yourselves. A lovely way to finish is to always dedicate the healing to the benefit and highest good of all.

For maximum enjoyment and healing, set your intention to radiate lots of love, light and happy vibes! Use your intuition, do what you feel! Communicate, experiment, play and most of all enjoy!!

If you are interested in learning more about the Angelic Realms, I highly recommend the work of Diana Cooper, Tim Whild, Kyle Gray, Melanie Beckler, and Calista.

These earth Angels offer a goldmine of magical information, words of wisdom on healing, energy work, Ascension, Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, meditation and many more exciting topics for anyone looking to ‘Lighten up’.