Love ♥ Connection ♥ Healing ♥ Happiness

Angel Fingers is a wonderful healing tool which evokes a lovely sense of relaxation, peace, bliss and wellbeing.


Hi my name is Kara Love,

Angel Fingers is the divinely inspired invention of my beautiful sister BB Love.  

They are a gift of pure bliss, infused with LOVE.

Angel Fingers is a wonderful healing massage tool which evokes a lovely sense of relaxation, peace, bliss and well-being.

Angel Fingers is an amazing tool for rest and relaxation, de stress and pain relief, re-centering and recharging.  Basically, they feel heavenly and can help you feel fantastic.

If you choose to take the enjoyment and healing to a deeper level, you can think of Angel Fingers as a magic wand It can be a magical conductor of love, light and Universal Energies and a treatment can be a powerful high vibrational experience.

For giving yourself some extra love, or for sharing with others.  You will be amazed at how such a gentle touch creates such wonderful and beneficial affects and holistic results.  Awakening mind, body and spirit!

Angel Fingers is delightfully compact and portable and extremely versatile. It can be easily used from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Each Angel Fingers comes in a beautiful gift box Inside you will also find a leaflet and Angel confetti.

They are a perfect gift for any occasion.

For healing, relaxation or simply for enjoyment, Angel Fingers is a sensational heavenly companion.