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God Send

Kara’s Angel Fingers are literally a god-send! Everything about them is perfect, from the tactile materials used to the out of body sensations it creates. Angel fingers are a truly versatile and wonderful tool that provides great pleasure and relaxation. A must have for everyone from mums to massage therapists!

Alaine Allison Walls -
Unique & Special Gift

Angel Fingers are such a lovely compact therapeutic tool that has given me and my daughter easy and meaningful nurture time together. They help to calm her when it’s hair wash time in a fun way, and she also likes to give me a little massage. It’s clear Kara Love has put her heart and soul into them and I felt so uplifted by her personal customer service and healing energy. They make such a unique and special gift, definitely on my list of my “present” options for occasions.

Nell Abramczuk-
Too good not to share
When I tried Angel Fingers for the first time, I was sceptical it would have such a response. How wrong I was! The beautiful wave of relaxation that glided through my body was like floating on a cloud.  The gentle copper fingers seemed to tap directly into my soul, and I sunk deep into relaxation, like I was in a deep meditation. The sensation is so gentle and Kara is such an expert at conveying care and love through its use, that you canot help but be transported to a place of calm serenity. 
I have even given Angel fingers as a gift, as this is too good not to share! Love it!💖
Claire Nisbet -
Simply Magical

Angel Fingers are simply magical – an amazing way to give yourself, or someone you love, a way to relax and feel that angelic touch!

Sarah Geoghegan -

The name is very apt the Angel Massage Tool is so relaxing, I felt like I was in heaven immediately!

Moses -
Relaxing Satisfaction

I’m happy with my purchase of the Angel Fingers Head Massager. It is a very relaxing massage tool that you can take anywhere, and at a great price. I use it on my head as I believe stimulating the scalp helps hair growth. I am 100% satisfied, will use this site again.

Jens -
Very Relaxing

The name is very apt the Angel Massage Tool is so relaxing, I felt like I was in heaven immediately!

Doodylicious -
Pure bliss

This really does send shivers down your spine. It gives a totally different sensation to being stroked by even the lightest of fingers. The packaging is lovely too. We enjoyed using it to relax so much that we’ve ordered more as presents so that our friends and family can enjoy the experience too!

Happytimes -

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A single Angel Fingers massage tool in a beautiful gift box.
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Special Offer - Two Angel Fingers. Perhaps a treat for yourself and an ideal gift.
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