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My name is Kara Love. I chose my surname and changed it officially. I love it.

I have an honours Degree in Psychology and I am a qualified in Reiki level 2 and Advanced Level Integrated Energy Therapy. I have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the Angelic and Elemental realms for many years and I am extremely grateful for the love and connection that I feel.
I truly believe Angel Fingers is a magikal healing tool. A fantastic conductor of love, light and Universal energies.

I feel blessed to have this opportunity to help Angel Fingers touch the lives of many people, and to help bring more cosmic connections, healing, happiness and love to the world.

I am always delighted to receive an order and take great pleasure in preparing each Angel Fingers to fly off to its new home. I spend time with each one, filling it with my love and positive energy and I ask the Angels to bless the lives of all those with whom it comes into contact.

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Too good not to share

When I tried Angel Fingers for the first time, I was sceptical it would have such a response. How wrong I was! The beautiful wave of relaxation that glided through my body was like floating on a cloud.  The gentle copper fingers seemed to tap directly into my soul, and I sunk deep into relaxation, like I was in a deep meditation. The sensation is so gentle and Kara is such an expert at conveying care and love through its use, that you canot help but be transported to a place of calm serenity. 
I have even given Angel fingers as a gift, as this is too good not to share! Love it!💖
Claire Nisbet -

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My other passion is for dancing and Flow Arts. I dance with various props, either on fire or spectacularly lit up with LED rainbow lights. I specialize in Hula Hoop, Poi, Staff and Double Staff.

My performances are mesmerizing and joyful. I absolutely love flow arts dancing and it is clear to see.

When I am performing I consciously connect with the heart of the Earth, and to the magikal energies of the Universe. I radiate love, joy and healing vibrations and pray that my light and my smile will uplift and inspire all those watching.

It is my pleasure to share my love of flow toys with others. I love to teach and can offer 1 to 1 instruction or group workshops.

Flow Arts dancing is such a fun form of exercise and a fabulous form of mindfulness and meditation. You can’t help but forget your worries when you are focused on learning new tricks and enjoying the music.

I love offering my services, bringing the magik of Angel Fingers and the delight of my entertainment, some extra fun and sparkle, to Holistic events and retreats.

If you would like more information I’d love to hear from you, get in touch here.

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Flow Art Review

Kara is able to light up up any room with her magical smile and positive attitude! Her dancing is second to none, she is a true professional who can cater for any audience and is a magical addition to any event. Kara’s dancing, in true reflection of her personality, inspires joy and wonder.

 You exude confidence and pure joy with your mesmerizing performance of Poi and Hula hoop dancing. As you mingle and mix with guests, your enthusiasm for dance and contagious rhythm, encourages others to join you on the dance floor. Your smile and energy never seems to waver. A spectacular, mystical and powerful performance from a very talented and genuine lady.

Maxine Cain -

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