Angel Fingers – A Heavenly Experience!

Angel Fingers are an unique and versatile healing massage tool that promote a great sense of relaxation and also evokes the healing energies of the Angelic Realm.  When you draw the seven copper fingers across your skin Angel Fingers stimulates the nerve endings and releases endorphins. You will experience a warm tingling sensation which relaxes muscles, provides localised pain relief and feels simply heavenly.

Click HERE to find out how they can benefit you on a physical level.  Along with theseamazing physical attributes, they work on a Spiritual level too!!

Each of the seven copper fingers evoke the energy of the Angelic Realm.  By using this tool you can evoke the energies and healing abilities of the 7 Archangels that have chosen to work with Angel Fingers, a true blessing of healing!

Introducing Angel Fingers into your life will allow you to work on all parts of the body, mind and spirit simultaneously, giving you a greater balance and joyful sense of healing in your day to day life.

Angel Fingers are an essential tool to have for personal use for your own relaxation and self care as well as being perfect for using as a healing practitioner.  We have been using Angel Fingers in the following treatments with amazing, enhancing results:


Angel Healing

Back Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Indian Head Massage

Facials, Manicures & Pedicures

They also work fantastically well for treatments such as:



and other energy healings

Not to forget ~ they’re a great gift for family and friends.

Purchase your Angel Fingers today and let us help YOU connect with the magical healing qualities of the  Angels!